Features of a good flag pole


One is supposed to choose a flagpole that is long-lasting and user friendly (https://aaneslandfabrikker.no/). Flag poles are constructed of fiberglass and aluminium. One is advised to choose fiberglass because it can be a high wind load level and mostly used near high winds locations like oceans.

Wind speed

One must consider the level of wind in a specific area to know which type of flagpole to allocate (https://aaneslandfabrikker.no/rekkverk/). Flagpoles are mostly wind tested to give one a sense of how to handle the wind speed.


Flagpoles are increased in five-foot up to 50. Residential flag poles between 15-25 are installed considering the right thing for the places. One should be careful not to exceed the scale of their homes.

Color and finish

Commonly colors used for flagpoles are black, bronze, white and silver. One I supposed to choose a color depending on his/her preference. Finishes that are commonly used are painting and powder coating. Painting is more advisable because they are less affected by scratching.


Users flag should not come into contact with any electrical wires because it may tamper with the electricity supply going to someone’s home and may cause fire.


When there is telescoping titan pole, the use of rope is not there. Therefore it’s easy for one to lower and raise the flag by telescoping up and down (https://aaneslandfabrikker.no/flaggstang/). Maintenance and repair are cheap and easier when telescoping flagpoles the wind abilities and diameter of the pole at the base should be considered.


The height needed for a residential home is 20, one is supposed to go lower when he/she has a single home on a small piece of land.


If one has a lot of trees in the compound, they’ll have to ensure there is room for placement of the flag. Flagpoles should be placed distantly that they won’t touch anything when the wind is blowing.